Stones lives in Greenville, Rhode Island where he creates wonderful, fantastical, humorous artworks. Stones view on his penguin subject matter, “There are people who have traveled all the way to Antarctica to study penguins. That is incredibly impressive to me, because it is, like, wicked cold down there. Then there are the people who did not feel like going to Antarctica, so they paid their local aquarium $60 for a 60-minute penguin encounter. Then there’s me, Greg Stones, author, illustrator, and tall guy: I actually went to the aquarium to see sharks, stumbled upon the penguin exhibit by accident, realized that penguins smell like poo, and then quickly moved on. What is to be gleaned from this final anecdote, which is not really an anecdote so much as it is a single sentence describing a trip I took to an aquarium back in 2002? Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is a really awesome movie, and sharks are both super cool and super scary at the same time. Have you ever wondered what penguins hate? What they like? What they really hate? If so, then you spend way too much time thinking about penguins and should probably write a book about it. Here is the thing with penguins: Yes they are super cute, yes they smell like poo, but they also have a dark side, which is what I find hilarious. Just this fact alone speaks volumes: Adélie penguins will stand at the ocean’s edge, push one of their comrades into the water to see if there are any predators lurking below the surface, and then the rest will dive in. That’s cold, Adélie penguins. Cold. No wonder you live where you live.”