Mark Gould

Lakeside: Coppice #2004
8x10 mixed media/acrylic on panel  $890

Still Life #2041
7x5 acrylic on panel  $500

Primary Light: Arcadian #2033
10x8 acrylic on panel  $990

Figure in Gray #2014 Figure in Red #2028
5x7 each acrylic on panel framed   $500 each

Still Life with Red Flasks #2005
12x9 acrylic on panel  $990

Quiet: My Neighbor's House #993
30x30 acrylic on panel  $4,700

Great Butte: Arcadian #2042
30x30 acrylic on panel 32x32 framed  SOLD

Soft Light: Arcadian #2034
20x16 acrylic on panel  SOLD

Dusk My Neighbor's House #888
7x5 acrylic on panel 14x12 framed  $690

Rolling Hills: My Neighbor's House #995
24x30 acrylic on panel  SOLD

My Neighbor's House #966
30x30 acrylic on panel  SOLD

Coppice #879
13.5x6 acrylic on panel 19x11 framed  $690

Arcadian #988
8x8 acrylic on panel 11x11 framed  $750

Cottonwoods & Acequia: Ranchlands #910
9x12 acrylic on panel 15x17 framed  $1,300

Cottonwoods and Shade: Ranchlands #911
7x5 acrylic on panel 14x12 framed  $690

Evening Pond: Ranchlands #913
8x7 acrylic on panel 10x9 framed  SOLD

Zapata Cottonwoods: Ranchlands #919
11x14 acrylic on panel 15x18 framed  $1,600

The Good Forest; Arcadian #938
44x32 acrylic on canvas 46x34 framed  SOLD

Let Light Move Us; Arcadian #940
60x72 acrylic on canvas 64x76 framed  SOLD

My Neighbor's House #957
24x36 acrylic on panel  SOLD


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