Barbara Pontius

Barbara’s life journey has been characterized by the combination of youthful exuberance, professional drive, and an attraction to spirituality. How else can one explain someone who loves to laugh and play with mud also getting an MBA from Cornell and working as a VP at Citicorp, only to then change course to obtain a Masters in Theology and use it to teach middle schoolers in character education?

Barb has always followed her passions. She began working with clay on a wheel, enjoying the tactile, almost meditative experience. She then graduated to figurative sculpture. But she was still searching for an end product that brought her joy.

After moving to Santa Fe and falling in love with its spirituality and natural beauty she began building clay stacks. She grew to love the uplifting form, the sense of proportion and balance as well as the profusion of color drawn from the land of enchantment. They blurred the lines between indoors and out and added a touch of joy to the day.

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